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Our Report
to the Diocese

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Our parish's submission to the diocesan phase of the synod process has now been sent to the diocese.


It uses the formal diocesan feedback form, based around a series of ten questions, to make it easier for the diocesan team to amalgamate with all the other responses they will be receiving.


Click on the link below to read it. This is the result of all your contributions at meetings or via written input. Thank you for your keen involvement!


The Synod on Synodality will meet in Rome in October next year, to discuss how the Church can journey together better. More information about the overall process can be found elsewhere here on our website.

Our submission deals with issues relevant to the universal Church, the diocese, or both diocese and parish.

Final document, submitted to the Diocese (25 Feb)

The document, below, ‘Matters for our parish’, records (in note form) issues that have arisen during our discussions and that concern our own parish more specifically. These are for the whole parish to consider further and take forward together as appropriate, with prayer and discernment.

Matters for our Parish (21 Feb)

Thank you to all those in each of our four congregations who have engaged with our parish’s synodal journey.

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